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We create startups for Enterprises 

Round Pegs Launchpad is a Corporate Venture Builder Program based on the Startups Studio model. We specialize in Designing, Building and Scaling Platform Business Model Startups, funded by Enterprises and leveraging its assets to trigger network effect.

Round Pegs Launchpad consists of 3 stages:
Business Design, Product and Scale.

Business Design takes 4 months and goes from ideation to MVP.
By the end of Business Design we pilot the MVP (and incomplete product) so that every stakeholder in the Corporation may try ou the new platform and that we may test it with some users to get feedback in a closed family-and-friends pilot. At that point the Enterprise decides if it wants to invest in the new venture.

Product takes 5 months and goes from MVP to product-market-fit. Here we focus on the product compleating it’s initial features, testing on users, operating in small number of users but aiming at high adoption and perception of value (thus pursuing product-market-fit). After the Product phase Enterprise has another chance of reviewing things so far and deciding about next investments.

Scale takes 9 months and goes from product-market-fit to a mass scale operation that spins off. This is where we growth hack the product to mass scale for 9 months and transition to an independent team that will take of as an independent venture.

We're not just doers, we're entrepreneurs. 
We know how to create the proper environment and culture to allow and learn from failure as we’re not just executing projects, we’re creating new businesses.

Enterprise may wish to have it's own dedicated Business Owner as the Entrepreneur of the venture or we may joint venture and one of our Entrepreneurs-in-residence will CEO the new digital venture.


“We’re not just doers, we’re entrepreneurs”.


Available in Brazil

USA launch date : March 10th, 2017